The D to get an extra $ 200 on a solid 6

Should you play on The D for an extra $ 200 on a solid 6? In general the answer is yes, but other casinos may provide you with equivalent benefits such as free or lower priced rooms, comps, or other benefits that are more important to you than getting the bigger payout if you got 6 out of 6.

The beauty of playing 7 kings is that a 5-of-7 hit (115 to 1 odds) will give you two 5-of-6 hits, which is a decent intermediate payout.

Want to be very aggressive? If you have a place that allows a dime or 20 cents, you can play 8 kings, play one 8, eight 7, and 28 six. In The D, using the 10 cents way, hitting 6 of 8 (422 odds to 1) will earn you a solid 6 to pay $ 300 for the dime you visit poker88.

If you’re at a downtown casino that offers Pop 80 or its equivalent (all but one), play 7 and seven 6s for 40 cents. You have tickets for a total price of $ 3.20.

If on The D, using Deano’s rate, a solid 6 at 40 cents gets you $ 1,200. In other casinos offering 80 cents by way of 40 cents, a solid 6 for 40 cents will earn you $ 1,000.

You also have multiple 6-of-7 payouts and 5-of-6 payouts. Happy happy happy! You could even hit a 7 out of 8 and have a solid 7 6s and a solid 7 – a huge paycheck even the 10 cents a way!

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