Bingo games are only made for party events

The night before Halloween, I went to a party at Green Valley Ranch and the bingo game broke out.

At least it seems so. Welcome to Rock Shot Bingo, where the first party event, the second bingo. Technically, it is a bingo session that takes place in a bingo hall with bingo players. The first nine games pay $ 100 for the champion and the 10th game and the last game pay $ 1,000.

But this is not your grandmother’s bingo. And not close. There is a known break midway for Dancing with the Crazy Bingo Players. They do YMCA, Macarena, Cha-Cha Slide, and they do a lot of conga lines while dancing through the bingo hall to dominowalet.

And while the game is playing, the music blasts out loud and several people sing loudly as they wait to finish the winning mix. “I don’t think they played Tupac in a normal bingo session,” said one observer.

Not only did the person who got the bingo win, but everyone at that person’s table also won. Each had the shots the maid told them. Bingo games are only made for party events.

“It’s what draws the crowd that is getting younger,” said Chad Blochowski, GVR MC and bingo agent, regarding the atmosphere. “We’re really targeting demographics that don’t make it to the bingo hall (in general) because (they think) the bingo hall is a library,” says Tom Parker, GVR’s manager of bingo and keno. “We promote youth and fun and fun. This is next to your local club. Throwing a party event brought them here.

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