HIC Hold’em Poker, which offers two unique features

Next up, we have HIC Hold’em Poker, which offers two unique features. First, to start playing the player gets three cards and has to get rid of one before proceeding, which serves to your advantage. The house advantage comes from the fact that the dealer can keep all three and can make.

The player’s advantage comes from the ability to upgrade or Check after viewing a part of the area. The amount of Raise (2x to 4x) is randomly determined by the shuffler.

So, if you start with strong hands, you can take them home. If your hand is weaker, you can wait and see visit dewapoker.

High Points Poker
Games are by far the least intimidating of the new games on display. One sidebet requires some basic poker knowledge, but if not, you just need to do some simple arithmetic (if you can’t, I assume the dealer will help). This game is a twist on Three Card Poker and uses the same betting structure.

To start, you make an Ante Bet and get three cards. The dealer serves three as well, face down. Player score is the value of the card; 2-9 counts as their rank, 10 and Face are all 10 and Ace is 11.

If the hand contains pairs, the entire hand value is doubled. If the hand travels, the entire value will be tripled. Hands with Faces are very precious. Ironically, Three of a Deuces is actually a marginal hand.

The dealer must qualify with a 20 or Play bet push and Ante wins even money. If the dealer qualifies, and the player is higher than the dealer, play even money on both bets. Like Three Card Poker, there is an Ante Bonus that can be won by players which can be beaten by the dealer.

This is based on the total points. I’ve always felt Three Card Poker is a relatively simple table game and a great beginner game for new table game players.

I think High Point goes a step further in simplifying the game for beginners, and if you’re into gaming this would be a great game to start with.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be taking a look at some of the other table games that I am looking at.